Outer diameter or Inside diameter?

All I was told was that I needed some 25mm pipe – but I soon found out that I did not have enough information to make an informed purchase. The supplier asked me a question that I could not answer … “Is that ID or OD?” Upon seeing the blank look on my face he added “Inside Diameter or Outside Diameter?”   After some more research it all became clear – I needed some 30mm outer diameter pipe which ends up being 25mm internal diameter. So I made my purchase and now I am ready for the hard part which is digging the trench – but that is another story.

Apart from the initial confusion regarding precisely what was being measured, the pipe I purchased follows the natural order of things… larger on the outside than the inside. The opposite of this is something that has intrigued Doctor Who fans for 40 years but it is not the norm. My pipe gave me reason to ponder about myself – Which is larger, my internal life or my external one? The truth is that the outer diameter of my life has reached its maximum (that is as long as I am careful about what I eat!), I have no more growing to do, I won’t get taller, I won’t get more teeth, I won’t take up significantly more space – but what about my internal diameter? I hope that I have not stopped growing, I hope that I have areas of expansion yet to experience and that there is even more ahead of me than behind. The truth is that we should defy the ‘norm’ and actually be bigger on the inside than out.

When you look at your life which aspect is larger? Is your personality and flamboyance the greater part or is it your internal compassion, integrity and honest understanding of who you are? Are you striving to build your influence on the outside or are you building a solid and secure internal world?

It would be a shame to live a life which was all show and no real substance… what really matters is what is going on inside, what really matters is the size and pliability of our hearts.

So perhaps it is time to take some measurements and check out what is really going on – it is good (and easy) to check your outer diameter but the deeper and more important question is what is happening on the inside?

“I will follow the course of Your commandments and You shall enlarge my heart.” Psalms 119:32


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