Things I didn’t know…

I thought that I was a pretty seasoned traveller but I suddenly realised that I had a lot to learn. Every now and then I have to fly interstate for meetings and usually I have to wear a jacket or a suit. This poses a little problem because what do you do with the suit jacket during the flight?

If you wear it you end up looking like you have been wrestling with a bear. If you put it in the overhead locker it ends up being crushed by that ‘last passenger’ who gets on the plane with 3 extra bags and, defying all laws of physics, stuffs them in on top of your jacket – the outcome? You end up looking like you have been wrestling a bear. You could leave the jacket on your lap but you run the risk of spilling your coffee or dropping your in-flight meal all over it – I speak from experience – so for years I had struggled to find a solution until the last time I flew.

I was in my seat, trying to arrange my jacket when the guy who had just sat down (let’s call him ‘Travelman’!) took off his jacket and hung it on a small knob which was on the side of the seat in front. I was gobsmacked! I had seen this knob dozens of times, I was certain that it controlled the headrest or was part of the structure of the seat but I suddenly realised that this was the answer to my problem.

Trying to look cool and is if I had always known it, I reached out and hung my jacket for what will definitely not be the last time.

But then I started to think about the other things that maybe I haven’t yet realised. A couple come to mind – on the power adapter of my computer there are two pop out clips for winding the cord – it was over a year before my son pointed out what they were for. A had worked in an office for almost 3 years before I realised that the auto door closer could be disabled with a button and I didn’t need to stand the fire extinguisher against the door to hold it open.

Maybe recognising what you don’t know could be more helpful than you think?

“Have you not known?… The everlasting God, doesn’t grow weary…. He gives power to the weak… those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:28–31


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