What is your foundation like?

A truck pulls in as another truck pulls out. The large bulldozer lifts yet another bucket of debris and in one action fills the waiting truck which immediately drives away to wherever they are headed… this is what has been happening for the last 5 or so weeks, right outside my office door.

The council are removing 3 bowling greens and replacing them with tennis courts, which sounds simple enough but requires the significant excavation of the site and the exposure of the foundations before they build.

Because it is right outside my office window I have had the opportunity to watch them work – which is always easier than actually working yourself! I have seen the progress and observed the stages so far and it has certainly got me thinking.

The first stage was the removal of the concrete walkways, this exposed some asbestos and so specialists were called in to remove that. Then the grass was removed, the top 30cm or so was scraped off and hauled away. The next layer went down almost another half metre and was beautiful topsoil, which was carefully sifted, separated and sold, I am sure, to a landscaping project somewhere else. Then there was about 600mm of gravel, which was promptly sold off to another project and finally they hit the bedrock and the foundation is now fully exposed.

From what I have heard, this will be as deep as they go and from there they will build the new structure. However, getting to the foundation was important because you can’t build on something that is not secure.

Each of us have numerous layers which hide our ‘foundations’. People see the outside but what is deep within remains hidden and personal.

The clothes we wear, the personality we project, the skills we possess, the supports we rely upon – all these are ‘layers’ which we have added to our lives. But the lesson I take from the ‘soon-to-be-tennis-courts’ is that everything needs a solid foundation. If you were to remove the layers I mentioned, how is your foundation?

If it is shaky or unreliable, then perhaps it is time to address it. I have found Christ’s presence, teachings and guidance to be the best rock on which anyone can ever build… perhaps that is what you need?

“They are like the one building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock. When the flood and storm beat against that house, they could not shake it, for it was founded on the rock.”                                 Luke 6:48


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