Exceedingly abundantly above…

It seemed to happen everywhere I went – all throughout the day I ended up with more than I bargained for.

It started early in the morning – I walked up to the taxi rank and was told to head to bay number 6 and waiting for me was the biggest taxi I have ever seen; a 21 seater bus – I climbed aboard and we drove off – the cab was so big that I had to yell to the driver to tell him where we were headed. Arriving at my destination I found that the class I was lecturing had twice as many participants as I was expecting – another good problem but a little adjustment was needed. Next came lunch, a quick walk down the road led me to a sandwich shop but my request for a ham and salad roll ended with me being handed a sandwich that would make a Subway ‘foot-long’ look like a canapé!

At the end of the day I headed towards my hotel and for the first time I tried ‘Uber’ – the service was quick and efficient but the Hiace van (12 seater) was probably more than I really needed – there really was a pattern emerging.

I was dropped off at my hotel by my oversized transport, checked in and unlocked my room – not a room, not a suite, a fully fledged apartment – king-sized bed, double sink in the ensuite, full kitchen, 2 tvs, foxtel, more wardrobe space than at home and a massive balcony as well.

So I had a day filled with more than I needed and it was a good day – I have had many other days where the opposite has been true, the taxi too small, the lunch less than sufficient, the motel room so tiny that the door hits the bed as you walk in…but today was an exceedingly, abundant day!

I know that you have meet people who do more than you expect and I know that you have met people who habitually do less – but what is your perspective on God? Which category does He fall into?

Whilst not every day of my life is filled with sandwiches which are too large or apartments that are over the top, my experience is that the Lord is willing to shower me and those who seek Him with an abundance of the things which matter.

“…to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, … to Him be glory … to all generations, forever” Ephesians 3:20–21

Hopefully you realise how much “more’ is available!


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