Black Salt…

Something was not right but it took a couple of days before somebody worked it out. We were having a big casual family lunch and everyone was loading up their plates ready for a feed. My son asked “Could you pass the salt and pepper” and the required condiments were handed across the bench. After using them, he said “hey, that is not pepper!” “Yes it is” came the reply. “No its not!” repeated the challenge…

It was actually black salt…It looked like pepper, it cracked like pepper…but it was actually salt.

I had never heard of black salt before and it amazed me that a company would market black and white salt in the same brand and shaped bottles and I wondered how many people had made the same mistake as us. We had used this salt and salt (not pepper) for the last week and had not fully registered the problem. If it had been left to me I might not have noticed at all but my arteries may have been worse for wear!

It seems that there are many more varieties of salt available than ever before – Himalayan pink salt is popular and there is of course chicken salt, rock salt and good old Saxa table salt! We are spoiled for choice as entrepreneurs attempt to exploit our passion for change and our desire for something new.

It seems that nothing is straightforward and simple anymore, but layers of complexity are being added to an already confusing life and the pace of change is running away with itself.

The purpose of salt and pepper is to add seasoning and to enhance the flavour of a meal. Too much of one of these will spoil even the finest, best prepared meal available. Too much complexity spoils the flavour of our lives and leaves an aftertaste in our mouths and we are left thirsting for something simpler and easier on the pallet.

I think that ‘black salt’ is an unnecessary addition to my life and I will not be buying it again… I am content with my normal salt…

What are you content with, what are you tired of chasing? What is the latest complexity you realise that you don’t really need?

Maybe its time to stop reaching for the ‘new’ and start celebrating all you already have…

“Now godliness with contentment is great gain.”                                    1 Timothy 6:6


“Have salt in yourselves, and have peace with one another.”                       Mark 9:50


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